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Why Do Germans &ldquo? Slow Down ” Make Decisions On The Ground.

I remember that in 17 years, a business customer inquiry, 7 head drive motor, first sent to the data map, our engineering appraisal. The identification results can be produced and a series of details of the product are marked in the reply to the guest mail, including the torque of the voltage air load current and the dimensions and so on.

After consultation and confirmation of 5 sets of customized prototype, the other party drew up an order contract. After receiving the order book, we began to arrange the project. At that time, our business was excited, happy and patiently waiting for the sound...

Three days after the news, receive the contract. The other side says: our boss is German, Taiwan is our branch company, any business decision is bosses clown by the boss personally.

Somehow, our business from excitement to loss, the three day mood is complex and changeable, indescribable. When you receive a contract, you can't jump! The colleagues thought they had picked up the gold treasure.



The temperament is urgent! Refer to our business! It's hard to do things, and then we can't get away with the quantity list. The whole company is his most active! It is inconvenient to say haha!


The Germans make a decision:


There is no fixed pattern for correct decision making. One is called "decisive", and the other is "calm down" and "no hurry to give orders". Responsible decisions do not mean bold and vigorous. Sometimes caution or even slow action are also responsible.

Compared with other countries, German leaders are more cautious in making decisions. In the eyes of many Chinese, German corporate leaders are slow to make decisions and can be described almost as "slow down". There are many reasons, including the relatively complicated decision-making process and the "slow temperament" of the German nationality as a whole.

The German leader's slow temperament is usually shown as "you are in a hurry, he is not urgent", and some time needs to be answered immediately, but the German company is not in a hurry. Even if a number of letters are asked, no one immediately takes care of you.

In addition to the overall national characteristics, there is another factor in the development of this "slow temperament", which is the systematic thinking of the Germans.

Human decision-making thinking can be divided into two types: one is goal oriented thinking, the other is relationship oriented thinking.

Goal oriented thinking means that decisions are focused on goals, and as long as goals can be achieved, flexible measures can be taken, or even by hook or by crook.

Relationship oriented thinking means focusing on the surrounding ecological relationship and not damaging the interests of some people because of the realization of goals.

Relationship oriented people do not have a strong sense of purpose and care more about others' feelings. Such people often hesitate to make decisions, sometimes even unable to make decisions.

In the first place, the Germans do not go to extremes. They need to find a suitable point between achieving the goal and caring for the surrounding relations, which is the balance between the goal and the relationship. That is to say, we should not only damage our goals, but also try our best to achieve the goal. Thus, Germans are often considered slow in making decisions.

Secondly, the Germans usually take credit factors into consideration when making decisions. Once a decision is made, it will not only lose prestige, but also bring bad consequences to discredit, whether facing employees or customers.

In Germany, a good faith society, due to the sound of the rule of law, in particular the establishment of the integrity system, the consequences of dishonesty are quite serious, light is lost to customers, the weight is listed in the list of dishonesty. Once the leaders of enterprises or enterprises are listed on the list of discredit, not only will customers avoid them, but they will not be able to make loans.

Therefore, when making decisions, enterprises must take into account the feasibility of goals and whether they have the possibility of realization. Because German corporate leaders value integrity so much, they must be cautious when making decisions.

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