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Utility Model Wood Shell Vibration Massage Decompression Quantum Resonance Charging Treasure

Dealers to join agent national patent: ZL201830001636.7 ZL201820065249.4, can bring the safety of the aircraft, a ShuXiangQi charging treasure (high-grade leather PU receive a case, custom data line, pure cotton cloth) charging treasure how can only charge function so simple!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! Quantum resonance charging treasure can also have a massage extract features!!!!!!!!!!! Extract massage quantum resonance charging treasure, lightweight portable fashion beautiful, high-end grade atmosphere, also etc. What, to his beloved TA!!!!!!!!! Existing massage resonance (quantum) extract, still can when charging treasure national patent! Quality guarantee! Practical comfortable! Exquisite "surface" shipping rudder technology, original design, ergonomic shuttle shape life needs native, bring you elegant natural health imported sand Billy wood shell, dozens of working procedure, finely crafted, only for you in his hand the comfortable body touch switch: only the body temperature and the finger pressure to start the motor vibration switch at the same time, external extrusion don't touch switch, put in my pocket also don't have to worry about quantum warehouse implanted in 48 hours, laogong acupuncture point massage the palm, promote blood circulation, concentrate on your health massage laogong indications: coma, syncope, heat stroke, vomiting, heartburn, madness, hysteria, breath of sores, halitosis, fungal and so on, can relieve stress. If ten minutes daily pressure, can play a dredge qi and blood, adjust the function of zang-fu organs, natural step-down and stomach, except vexed calming nerves, relax the whole body. Strong "heart" : professional design, perfect compatible with all kinds of mobile phone; High-speed charging, overcharge, over discharge protection; High quality lithium polymer batteries, safe; Low pressure high speed micro motors, save electricity, save worry; Motor is divided into high on two block, the upscale full rotation only 0.5 w/h batteries: exclusive custom cable: custom cable, high quality, durable, strong, not knot! Upgrade to the charge, faster and more safe, quick charge don't wait! Charge transport in one, give full play to the performance of charging and data transmission performance of synchronized bold copper core, quick charge don't fool a trickle charging, it does not hurt the phone, activate cells, intelligent waterproof model adapted to different portable multifunctional PU leather material to receive a case: friendship prompt: vibrating motor continuous working time more than 20 minutes, take a break, when massage to promote blood circulation, palms sweating, it is recommended to use random cloth do not use when in charge at the same time please stored in ventilated cool and vibration massage function, avoid sun exposure motor work inevitably have some voice

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