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To Made In Japan Learn What

To "strive for perfection" and "perfect craft" famous Japanese manufacturers, quality and data fraud scandal has come out. Some views and the mainstream media in the business start bad-mouthing "made in Japan", think it is dim down the altars.

But we believe that Chinese enterprises still need to learn from "made in Japan", and to really learn the essence. In fact, the fundamentals of Japanese manufacturing is still strong, not radically "reverse". In the world 500 strong or list of the world's top 2000 enterprises, mostly from Japan have innovation strength and mature management system of manufacturing enterprises. On the list, by contrast, most of Chinese companies is engaged in the financial sector, the Internet industry as well as the resources industry.

From the current stage of development and the strategic objectives of the future, Chinese companies need to learn what "made in Japan"?

Want to learn Japanese manufacturing experience in global operations. The accumulation of 40 years of reform and opening-up, the implementation of the strategy of "One Belt And One Road", make Chinese enterprises on the new starting point in the development of globalization. Japanese companies since the last century 60 s internationalization road, has 50 years of experience in practice, one of the most important is, by developing the core technology to occupy the commanding heights of the global value chain, to gain the initiative in market competition.

Want to learn Japanese manufacturing way of brand. From made in China to created in China, the products from China to the Chinese brand, this is the only way for Chinese enterprise transformation and upgrading. Especially in the market battle win more today by around the brand value, brand construction can't emphasize enough. Japanese enterprises brand genius lies in desalination brand Japanese color, internationalization strategy and localization strategy, the combination of a truly global brand.

Want to learn Japanese craftsmen of the spirit of manufacturing. By 2017, Japan's enterprises has surpassed 2.5, one hundred, more than the United States than anywhere else in the world. Among them, more than 1000 - year - old Japanese companies has 21, more than 500 147, with 300 more than 300 years. Japanese companies behind longevity, is through the generations of cultural deposits, and build the effective mechanism of social system, successfully inheritance and carry forward the spirit of craftsman.

Want to learn Japanese manufacturing sense of crisis. Japan's geographic and resource limitations, making the Japanese nation always have a sense of crisis. With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution and the new pattern of world manufacturing industry, driven by a sense of crisis of Japanese manufacturers have already begun to strategic transformation and layout. The globalization trend of service management and has made great progress, in the automotive, industrial robots, cloud computing, batteries, led the world in many fields such as new energy, new materials (see expert round table: made in Japan "unbreakable" revelation).

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