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The Working Nature And Principle Of DC Gear Motor

The high performance slotless DC motor cable is perfect for applications requiring a very high speed for micro motors. The motor has no teeth to attract the magnets, the cogs are removed, and the motor produces a smooth, quiet operation. These motors are perfect for applications such as medical tools, dental tools, laboratory equipment, and any other sports applications that require a compact package speed.DC Gear Motor

The negligible magnetic tooth groove provides improved servo performance and a very smooth motion even at a lower speed. Low inductance and high current bandwidth for fast response time results. The slotless construction also provides good winding heat transfer for high thermal efficiency, load capacity.DC Gear Motor DC gear motor, that is, gear motor, is based on the ordinary DC motor, coupled with gear reducer gear. Gear reducer is to provide a lower speed, the greater the torque. At the same time, the gear box of different deceleration Than can provide different speed and torque. This greatly improves the use of DC motors in the automation industry. A geared motor is an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor). Such an assembly may also be referred to as a gear motor or a gear motor. Usually by the professional reducer production plant integrated assembly after the complete set of supply. Gear motors are widely used in the steel industry, machinery industry and so on. The advantage of using a geared motor is to simplify the design and save space.DC Gear Motor

Gear Motor Overview: gear motor with international technical requirements of manufacturing, with a high technological content. Save space, reliable and durable, to withstand high overload capacity, power up to 95KW or more. Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency as high as 95% or more. Vibration, low noise, high energy efficiency, the choice of high-quality section of steel materials, steel cast iron box, gear surface after high-frequency heat treatment. After precision machining to ensure the positioning accuracy, all this constitutes a gear drive assembly gear motor equipped with a variety of motor, forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guarantee the use of product quality characteristics.DC Gear Motor

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