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The Wide Application Of Rotor Brushless Motor

     Control circuit through the control of power devices in the driving circuit (commonly used MOSFET, IPM, etc.) to control the brushless DC motor of the starting and stopping, steering, braking, rotating speed and other functions, and can achieve over-current, overpressure, overheating and other protection. The control circuit was initially used analog circuit, the control is relatively simple, real-time performance is good.Rotor Brushless Motor

     If the control circuit is digitized, a lot of hardware work can be done directly by software, can reduce the hardware circuit, improve its reliability, can improve the control circuit anti-interference ability, also can provide intelligent interface, rich control function and linkage action, in order to meet the requirements of different users, improve product adaptability to the market.Rotor Brushless Motor

     At present, the control circuit generally has ASIC special integrated circuit, MCU microcontroller and DSP digital signal processor Three kinds of composition forms. The control circuit composed of special integrated circuit is a simple and practical method for the low requirement of motor control, and the digital signal processor has the advantages of fast operation speed, few peripheral circuits, simple system composition, improved performance, and is advantageous to the miniaturization and intellectualization of the driver, which is suitable for more complicated control requirements The MCU scheme can replace all the functions of the ASIC, with the digital performance, the peripheral circuits are relatively few, the cost is not very high, so there is a great application prospect.Rotor Brushless Motor

    The position sensor circuit now uses the hall sensor circuit more, the drive only provides the corresponding circuit, the hall sensor can output the motor rotor position signal. Because of the small size of the hall sensor, the price is increasingly cheap, the use of relaxed environment, unlike the photoelectric sensor will be affected by environmental dust and its work, and thus widely used.Rotor Brushless Motor

    With the further development of brushless DC Permanent magnet motor, there is no position sensor driver. It is to detect the back EMF of the motor windings to obtain the position signal of the rotor, which simplifies the structure of the motor and brings convenience to the machining of the motor. Because of its load start and low-speed operation, there are some problems, this kind of drive only in the motor volume has very strict requirements, starting to stop is not very frequent, load stability, reliability requirements are not very high occasions to use.Rotor Brushless Motor

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