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The Structure Advantage Of DC Brushless Motor

Sensorless Brushless DC Motor has the advantages of simple structure, there are more applications in no-load or light load starting, such as fan, Gyro motor and so on. No-position Sensor Brushless DC motor is the use of electric potential to change the mode of operation, the winding potential to reflect the rotor position.DC Brushless Motor 

At present, there are many special chip, the application of no-load starting is quite mature. However, the characteristics of special chip has been determined, in some cases can not meet the needs of users, with load starting more difficult. A sensorless brushless DC motor drive circuit is designed to solve the problem of interference in starting and EMF signals. The driving circuit is reliable in start-up, strong in load, and can start with a certain load.DC Brushless Motor

The brushless DC motor, which is operated by the reverse EMF commutation mode, has no induction electromotive force at rest, so it has no starting ability and must design special starting circuit. The traditional method is to use the predetermined bit start, that is, the prior to the A-phase winding through DC power, the rotor of the motor is positioned in the position where the axis of a phase winding of the magnetic pole is coincident and the B-phase windings are energized, and the center line of the rotor pole rotates from a phase winding axis to the B-phase winding axis, and the electric potential is induced in the stator winding. In this process, the appropriate switching time is chosen to convert the circuit to the electric potential commutation working state, which realizes the starting of the motor.DC Brushless Motor The starting mode is relatively simple, but it is more strict for the switching time, which is generally applicable to the no-load starting of the motor. When the motor inertia is different or with a certain load start, the switch time needs to adjust, otherwise it may cause start-up failure or motor reversal phenomenon.DC Brushless Motor

After the circuit is energized, the voltage UC on the capacitance C slowly increases, the voltage is added to the input of the voltage-controlled oscillator, the output of the VCO is divided into the ring distributor as a clock signal, and the signal from the ring splitter is converted into a commutation logic signal plus a power amplifier circuit to control the conduction of the winding.DC Brushless Motor

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