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The Principle And Knowledge Of DC Brushless Motor

The internal mechanical structure of low speed brushless motor. Low-speed brushless motor internal motor rotor, motor cover, motor stator, motor shaft, bearing and other components. Low speed brushless gearless motor is part of the outer rotor motor. The internal mechanical structure of high speed brushless motor. High-speed brushless motor internal by the high-speed brushless motor, overload clutch, output flange, planetary friction roller, end cap, wheel shell and other components. High speed brushless gear motor is an internal rotor motor.DC Brushless Motor

Brushless motor controller is a control device that can be used to provide a reversing control signal for a three-phase brushless motor. At the same time, the motor speed can be controlled by the mode and the motor can be protected as necessary. The brushless motor controller It is much more complicated than a brush motor controller. Since the brushless DC motor is operated in a self-controlled state, it does not start the winding on the rotor as with a synchronous motor that is reloaded at the frequency control, and does not oscillate and out of step when the load is abruptly changed.DC Brushless Motor

Brushless DC motor is the use of semiconductor switching devices (such as Hall elements) to achieve electronic commutation, is to use electronic switching devices to replace the traditional contact commutator and brush. Brushless DC motor is not only reliable performance, but also has a small mechanical noise, no exchange sparks and other advantages. The position sensor of the brushless DC motor changes according to the position of the rotor, commutates the current of the stator winding in a certain order (that is, detects the position of the rotor pole relative to the stator winding and generates a position sensing signal at the determined position, Conversion circuit to control the power switch circuit, according to a certain logical relationship between the winding current switch).DC Brushless Motor

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