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Starting Voltage Of DC Vibration Motor

The start-up of the DC motor. The DC motor starts to rotate from the power supply, until the speed to a fixed number of rotation stable operation, this process is called the motor start-up process. The DC motor has three methods such as full pressure start, rheostat start and step-down start.DC Vibration Motor

Full pressure start. Full-pressure start-up is the motor directly connected to the rated voltage power on the start. As the motor is added to the rated power, and the motor began to connect the power moment armature motionless, armature anti-electromotive force E. is zero, so the current is very large at startup.DC Vibration Motor 

The maximum current of the motor is positive because the starting current of the motor is very large, so the starting torque is big, the motor starts quickly and the start-up time is short. However, once the motor begins to operate, the armature winding has an inductive electromotive force, and the higher the rotor number, the greater the armature's anti electromotive force. With the increase of the motor's rotating number, the current decreases rapidly and the electromagnetic torque decreases. When the electromagnetic torque of the motor is in equilibrium with the load resistance torque, the starting process of the motor is finished and the stable running state is entered.DC Vibration Motor

Changing the armature Circuit series resistance of the Speed method. After the motor is made, its armature resistance is two. is certain, but can be in the armature circuit in tandem with a variable resistor RP to achieve speed, as shown in the figure. This method increases the loss of the series resistance, reduces the efficiency of the motor and makes the characteristic softer. If the load is slightly changed, the number of motor cycles will change greatly, thus the demand for constant speed of the load is unfavorable.DC Vibration Motor

Variable speed method for changing the resistance of excitation circuit. In order to change the flux, in the excitation circuit in Series A speed resistor RP, change the resistance of the speed resistor RP can change the excitation current, and then make the main magnetic flux to change, to achieve speed regulation. This speed control method can only reduce the flux to increase the number of rotation, characterized by the speed after the mechanical properties hardened.DC Vibration Motor

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