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Micro DC Motor Related Maintenance Knowledge

Electromagnetic DC motor stator magnetic field generated by the excitation coil power, the coil power supply in different ways, the motor is divided into string excited, and excited and re-excited three, their coil connection. From the repair business, the DC motor failure rate than the AC motor high. This is why? Micro DC Motor

This is because the DC motor has a brush and commutator sliding contact between the current through the often produce sparks, so the fault is more than the AC motor.Micro DC Motor

DC motor such failure occurred in the main reason is the poor contact between the brush and the commutator; pole winding circuit; armature winding circuit or ground; armature was stuck and so on. Source voltage level. Will be a large extent to adjust the motor speed, which is a DC motor characteristics. In addition, the pole winding short circuit caused by the stator magnetic field becomes weak, the motor speed will rise; armature winding local short circuit, open or ground, commutator short circuit or ground. Brush or bearing wear and other reasons will reduce the motor speed.Micro DC Motor Power supply voltage is too high, the speed is too fast, will produce a large spark on the commutator. Armature winding serious short circuit, open circuit or ground; brush and commutator bad contact; commutator short circuit is also the cause of sparks. Overload is only one reason why the motor temperature is too high. In addition, the armature winding damp or local short circuit, the commutator spark is too large, bearing wear or lack of oil, will cause the motor temperature is too high. Common faults of armature windings are ground, short circuit and open circuit. Armature winding ground fault is more common, generally occurs in the core of the slot or groove at the bottom. Check, first with a multimeter to measure the armature winding and the resistance between the auxiliary, if the resistance is zero or very little, indicating that the armature winding ground fault. To find the ground, add a low voltage DC voltage to the brush.Micro DC Motor

One end of the voltmeter is brought into contact with the shaft and the other end contacts the commutator, and the voltage between each commutator and the shaft is measured in turn. If there is a readout of the voltmeter, it indicates that the coil to which the commutator chip is connected is not grounded; if there is no readings or the reading is significantly reduced, it indicates that the coil for which the commutator is connected is grounded. Repair, if the armature winding ground point in the coil outlet or armature core slot, the winding and the core can be rubbed together, and then re-added insulation on it. If the grounding point in the tank, or more ground, had to rewrite the entire winding rewinding.Micro DC Motor

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