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Mechanical Properties Of Micro DC Motor

     The structure of the flow motor is divided into two parts: stator and rotor. Remember that the stator and rotor are composed of those parts, note: Do not confuse the commutation pole with the commutator, remember the role of their two. Stator includes: main magnetic pole, chassis, reversing Pole, brush device, etc. Rotor includes: armature iron core, armature winding, commutator, shaft and fan and so on.Micro DC Motor

     The performance of the DC motor is closely related to its excitation mode, and there are 4 kinds of excitation modes in DC motor: D.C. motor, DC motor, DC series excitation motor and DC complex excitation motor. Mastery of the respective characteristics of 4 ways: DC excitation motor: Excitation windings are not electrically connected with the armature, and the excitation circuit is supplied by another DC power supply. Micro DC Motor

     Therefore the excitation current is not affected by the armature end voltage or armature current. DC and excitation motor: and the voltage at both ends of the shunt is the voltage at both ends of the armature, but the winding of the excitation windings is a lot of the number of turns, so it has a larger resistance, so that the excitation current is smaller.Micro DC Motor

     DC series Excitation Motor: The excitation winding is connected with the armature, so the internal magnetic field of the motor has a significant change with the armature current. In order to make the excitation windings do not cause large loss and voltage drop, the resistance of the excitation windings is better, so the DC series excitation motor is usually made by the thicker wire, his turn number is less. DC Complex excitation motor: the magnetic flux of the motor is generated by the excitation current in two windings.Micro DC Motor

    DC Servo motor, master the classification and characteristics of Permanent magnet DC servo motor, the difference between the ordinary type rotor Permanent magnet DC servo motor and the small inertia type rotor DC servo motor. The working principle and performance of Permanent Magnet DC servo motor, understanding the working principle and grasping the performance.Micro DC Motor

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