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Why Different Circles, More Stronger In Harmony?

Different circles, more strong melting

The typical mindset of many workplace people is:

Seeing colleagues discussing "block chain", "knowledge pay", "unicorn return", he was afraid to be afraid of his own wrong, and was laughed at "half bottle vinegar".

During the meal, I saw a vacant seat beside the supervisor, and I was afraid to say that I was flattering.

The elevator met the manager and stammered, even to say hello.

This is not what, but the mouth said a "circle is different, why need to be strong", but the heart is hard to wait for others to send him "invitation letter", he really took himself as "Mr. Wolong".

Fairy tales are all deceitful.

Cinderella has changed into a princess. It is long enough to have crystal shoes. There must be a "dance invitation" and a high carriage with "Royal Palace special pass".

Modern people are assigned in a small circle. When people are moving towards the same direction, they always go from one circle to another.

If it is a "circle" in life, a "circle is different, why must be strong" or some reason, the circle of drinking red wine is not necessarily higher than the circle of "Lao Bai dry".

But if it is a circle in the workplace, especially those who are indispensable to the road of promotion, remind yourself constantly.

If the circle is different, it must be strong.




Merge into a new circle

Speed up your change

It is undoubtedly the most comfortable but dangerous for a man to stay in his own circle.

Last month, I had a meal with a friend and found that he quit smoking again after three months of quitting smoking. He said awkwardly, "no way. All of my former friends smoked and began to resist. But sometimes I can't help it. Just now they have persuaded you to come in and have nothing to do with one thing, and then return to the old road for the two time.

Well, people who have quit smoking know that the real addiction is the first one or two weeks. The biggest obstacle is those who smoke together.

In the old circles, everyone is equally capable and familiar with each other. There is no pressure. But there is no pressure and no power.

The same is true of the circle.

A person's change, the biggest external resistance often comes from the past circles, their understanding of you is still in the past.

In Ma Yun's neighbour's impression, he was the weird and unreliable young man, and Ma Huateng was the young man who looked for the project in the impression of his colleagues.

A former colleague of mine, who was founded after his departure, is already on the market. But in my impression, he is still the sales assistant who can be called by me. If we are with us now, it is probably my level.

Moreover, every circle has its own vitality, and can not wait until this circle is dispersed, so you can go looking for new circles and take the initiative to go out.

In the movie "Paradise cinema", the old projectors were trapped in the three square meter room just like he did to let the small projectors live.

The old man said to the young man, "do not come back, do not think of us, do not look back, do not write." Life is different from movie, life is hard.

If you don't go out for a walk, you will think that this is the whole world.

Some people think that if we have a certain ability to improve, we can naturally enter the next circle. But the question is, how do you improve?

When you are short of ability, you must integrate into the new circle and speed up your changes.

The ability to step up and enter the new circle is not a sequential relationship, but a process of "chicken laying eggs and egg chickens".





Merge into a new circle

Change yourself in a new way of thinking

One reader asked me that the boss wanted to improve himself as a supervisor and a team, but he felt completely ignorant of management, and did not know how to do it, and a little worried.

I answer:

It can't be imitated. What do your boss do, and how do you do it.

But her old man's answer is: where do I know how leaders do it? I can't follow him in 8 hours.

The problem is clear:

Like "management", there is no teaching material and no teacher's field. If you don't enter the new circle first, you will always be stuck in a class of problems and bottlenecks.

In the past, the "leadership training" approach always lets you learn the way the leaders think and then manage the position after being qualified, but most people still know nothing about management before they take a management position.

The power to really make a person grow into a manager is called "cognitive dissonance" in psychology. For instance

Xiao Wang has never been responsible for management. It is hard to know how to talk to his subordinates. The most feasible way is to enter the "circle of managers" and imitate their words and deeds. This process often makes Xiao Wang feel uncomfortable, which is "cognitive dissonance".

And what makes us uncomfortable is often a good opportunity to discover our potential. Under the irritation of this uncomfortable state, Wang is more likely to compel himself to understand the behavior of these managers, to understand the means of management, and to think naturally like a manager.

Sum up into a sentence:

We must first integrate into the circle of managers, and act like managers in action, so that we can think like managers.

This process is called "

The internalization of leader identity is what we often call "learning to fight in battles".

The new circle not only has more resources and connections, but the most important thing is to integrate into the new circle.

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