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Functional Characteristics Of DC Vibration Motor

You can design a very simple DC motor for high-speed drive electronics. This motor-driven electronic project is very simple and requires very little external electronic parts. Using this circuit can control the speed of a 6 volt DC motor by simply rotating the left or right 50K potentiometer, the motor speed can be adjusted from 5% to 95% by the circuit. The entire circuit must be powered from a simple 6 volt DC power supply.DC Vibration Motor

In the structure, unlike the brushless DC motor, the stator winding of the brushless DC motor is used as the armature, and the field winding is replaced by the permanent magnet material. According to the current waveforms flowing into the armature winding, the DC brushless motor can be divided into square wave DC motor (BLDCM) and sine wave DC motor (PMSM). The BLDCM uses the electronic commutation to replace the mechanical commutation of the original DC motor. Permanent magnet material to do the rotor, eliminating the need for brush; and PMSM is the use of permanent magnet material to replace the synchronous motor rotor excitation winding, eliminating the need for excitation winding, slip ring and brush. Under the same conditions, the drive circuit to obtain square wave is relatively easy, and the control is simple, so the application of BLDCM is more extensive than PMSM.DC Vibration Motor

DC brushless motor is generally composed of electronic commutation circuit, the rotor position detection circuit and the motor body three parts, the electronic commutation circuit is generally composed of the control part and the drive part, and the detection of the rotor position is generally done with the position sensor. In operation, the controller according to the position sensor measured motor rotor position of the trigger drive circuit in the various power tube, the orderly commutation to drive the DC motor.DC Vibration Motor

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