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Essential Differences In Rotor Brushless Motor

For simple variable speed control, all important currents are determined by a separate external resistor, which is relatively simple to set up. The motor starting and stopping can be accomplished by using the power of the circuit. The starting timing sequence is completed by two capacitors, which can run the control function independently, and the external circuit is simple. The new back electromotive force is used to provide the minimum jitterless torque, Can be the most efficient control, with a commutation PLC, which can effectively suppress the PWM spike noise signal.Rotor Brushless Motor

Brushless motor controller composition, electric car brushless controller mainly by the single-chip main control circuit, power tube pre-drive circuit, electronic commutator, Hall signal detection circuit, turn signal circuit, power detection circuit, limit Flow / overcurrent detection circuit, brake signal circuit, speed limit circuit, power supply circuit and other components.Rotor Brushless Motor Brushless motor and brush motor is the fundamental difference between the brushless motor with electronic commutator instead of a brush motor mechanical commutator, so the control method is also very different, significantly increased the complexity. In the brushless motor controller, with six power MOSFET composition of the electronic commutator, MOSFET VT1, VT4 brushless motor A phase winding arm, VT3, VT6 brushless motor B phase winding bridge, VT5, VT2 constitute brushless motor C-phase winding of the bridge arm, in any case, the same arm of the upper and lower two tubes can not be turned on at the same time, or to burn the tube.Rotor Brushless Motor

Single-chip main control circuit is the core part of the brushless motor controller, the motor Hall signal, turn signal, over-current detection signal, brake signals are directly input to the microcontroller, processed by the microcontroller, The three arm of the forearm drive signal to control the operation of the motor, so the microcontroller main control circuit is the heart of the brushless motor controller. The PIC16F72 is the mainstream control chip of the electric vehicle brushless motor controller, and determines the pulse width of the output drive signal, thus determining the speed of the motor. At present, the output signal voltage of the electric car on the market is generally 1 ~ 4.2V, which is composed of a linear Hall element and a magnet, turning the handle, the magnet moving, the Hall element sensing changes the magnetic field and the output changes Voltage.Rotor Brushless Motor

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