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DC Gear Motor Structure Form Classification And Working Flow

      The brushless permanent magnet synchronous machine with low speed and large torque characteristics has been paid more and more attention in the elevator industry because of its advantages of energy saving, small size, stable low-speed operation, low noise and maintenance-free. China has a wealth of rare mineral resources, is the world's largest production of permanent magnet materials, the development and production of permanent Magnet has a unique advantage.DC Gear Motor

      In recent years, many manufacturers in the elevator industry have carried out the development of the gear-free permanent magnet synchronous traction machine. WYT series of gear-free permanent magnet synchronous machine in July 2001 the first passed the China Elevator Quality Supervision and inspection center inspection, has been formed in mass production, traction machine products have been more than 50 domestic elevator production plant first. The application range of WYT series products includes the speed of 0.5-40. m/s, load 450~2000kg of various elevators, suitable for the room, small room and no room elevator application occasions.DC Gear Motor

      Although currently in China's elevator market with no gear synchronous traction machine technology elevator accounted for only a small part (about 10%), but its development momentum is very rapid. With the competition of the elevator market and technical competition, the development of the technology and application of the gear-free permanent magnet synchronous traction machine will be further promoted.DC Gear Motor

      The structure of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine can be divided into radial magnetic field structure and axial magnetic field structure. The radial magnetic field structure is different from the relative position of stator and rotor, and can be divided into inner rotor structure and outer rotor structure. The axial magnetic field structure is also called disc type (or disc type) structure, the traction machine with different structure forms should be different from the occasion, and its magnetic field distribution form is different. DC Gear Motor

      The carrying capacity of the inward substructure is strong, suitable for heavy load, high-speed elevators, generally used for high-rise residential and office buildings, the external rotor structure of relatively small axial size, can be used in small room or no room elevator applications, but its load weight is limited, and disk-type structure of the tractor shaft size smaller, can be directly installed in the elevator shaft, Most suitable for elevator use without machine room.DC Gear Motor

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