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Control Mode Of Micro DC Motor

Non-commutator motors have various structures according to the different control elements and control methods adopted. General Low-voltage, small capacity of the commutator motor is mostly transistor motor, small transistor motor is usually called Brushless DC motor. However, the high pressure and large capacity of the commutator motor is the thyristor electric motive.Micro DC Motor

According to the use of different control methods can be divided into DC brushless motor and AC commutator motor.DC no commutator motor adopts AC-DC-AC control system or direct-cross control system, usually 50Hz AC rectifier into DC or direct DC, from the semiconductor converter into a frequency adjustable alternating current, supply synchronous motor to achieve frequency conversion speed. AC-commutator motor adopts AC-AC control system, it is the use of semiconductor converter directly to the semiconductor 50Hz AC power conversion into a frequency adjustable AC, the supply of synchronous motor to achieve speed regulation.Micro DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor has many advantages such as good speed regulation performance, flexible control method, high efficiency, big starting torque, strong overload ability, no commutation spark, no radio interference, no excitation loss and long running life. In recent years, the application field of brushless DC motor has been expanded rapidly due to the improvement of the performance of permanent magnet material, the decrease of manufacturing cost, the development of power electronics and the requirement of motor performance.Micro DC Motor

Because the armature current of the motor stator is controlled directly by the rotor speed, in this way, when the motor speed rises or decreases, the frequency of the position detector output signal increases or decreases, the armature current frequency and the rotational magnetic field speed increase or decrease, and always be able to maintain the relationship with the relative position of the excitation magnetic field, So this kind of motor will not have the problem of losing step. This is the characteristics of automatic control synchronous motor, so the commutator motor is also called Frequency control synchronous motor.Micro DC Motor

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